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HOLLIS Update: New Feature for Scanned Key Content

October 15, 2013--HOLLIS now supports the display of thumbnails for content designated as "key content" by staff. One designated thumbnail displays in the search results, and all designated thumbnails display in the full record. This new functionality can be used to:

  • Display a scanned cover, title page, table of contents or index of a pamphlet or book that is not digitized in its entirety
  • Highlight a specific page of a digitized object
  • Highlight an image associated with a finding aid

For documentation about the feature and how to use it, please visit the HOLLIS Documentation site.

This feature is the result of the “Scanning Key Content” Library Lab project, proposed by Karen Nipps, Nell Carlson, Debbie Funkhouse and Amy Benson, and made possible by LTS staff member Corinna Baksik. More about the project is available here.

Please report any problems or comments by using the HOLLIS feedback form here