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Library Hours: Spring 2013 Examination Period

May 7, 2013—With more than 70 libraries, Harvard students have many options when it comes to finding a good place to study for finals. Lamont Library is open 24 hours a day/seven days a week during the semester, and many libraries add hours during exam period. A selection of library hours is below. Click on the library name for more hour information and click here for a complete list of all library hours.

Prefer to study in the glow of a fireplace? Go to Gutman. Need a study break? Borrow a bike from the Law School Library. Hungry? Visit the Gutman or Lamont Café. Freaking out? Check out Cooper, a certified therapy dog, from Countway Library. Go here to search by all library amenities (headphones, iPads, laptops, scanners, etc.)

Below are the hours for Friday, May 10 through Friday, May 17, 2013.

Library Fri., May 10Sat., May 11Sun., May 12Mon., May 13Tue., May 14Wed., May 15Thu., May 16Fri., May 17
Andover-HarvardGeneral Hours8:30am-6pm10am-6pmNoon-10pm8:30am-10pm8:30am-10pm8:30am-10pm8:30am-10pm8:30am-6pm
 Research Services8:30am-6pmClosed Closed8:30am-9pm8:30am-9pm8:30am-9pm8:30am-9pm8:30am-6pm
Cabot LibraryGeneral Hours8:30am-6pmNoon-10pm10am-Midnight8:30am-Midnight8:30am-Midnight8:30am-Midnight8:30am-Midnight8:30am-6pm
 Research Services9am-6pmClosedClosed9am-6pm9am-6pm9am-6pm9am-6pm9am-6pm
Countway LibraryGeneral Hours8am-8pmNoon-7pmNoon-11pm8am-11pm8am-11pm8am-11pm8am-11pm8am-8pm
Gutman LibraryGeneral Hours8am-7pm9am-7pmNoon-9pm8am-11pm8am-11pm8am-11pm8am-11pm8am-5pm
 Café 7:45am-5pmClosedClosed7:45am-5pm7:45am-5pm7:45am-5pm7:45am-5pm7:45am-5pm
 Research Services9am-5pm1pm-5pmClosed9am-5pm9am-5pm9am-5pm9am-5pm9am-5pm
Lamont LibraryGeneral Hours & Café24 Hours24 Hours24 Hours24 Hours24 Hours24 Hours24 Hours24 Hours
 Research Desk9am-5pmNoon-5pmNoon-5pm9am-11pm9am-11pm9am-11pm9am-11pm9am-5pm
Law LibraryGeneral Hours8am-9pm9am-9pm9am-Midnight8am-Midnight8am-Midnight8am-Midnight8am-Midnight8am-9pm
 Reference Desk9am-6pm1pm-5pm1pm-5pm9am-7pm9am-7pm9am-7pm9am-7pm9am-6pm
 Law Student Study Space24 Hours24 Hours24 Hours24 Hours24 Hours24 Hours24 Hours24 Hours
Widener LibraryGeneral Hours9am-7pm9am-5pmNoon-8pm9am-10pm9am-10pm9am-10pm9am-10pm9am-7pm
 Reference Desk9am-7pm9am-5pmNoon-8pm9am-10pm9am-10pm9am-10pm9am-10pm9am-7pm