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Project Update: Library Portal

Enhanced features added to search widget, search and find page.

Updated search & find widget on the Library portal homepage.

June 4, 2013—In response to feedback from the library community, enhancements to the search widget on the Library portal will go live on Thursday, June 6, 2013.

These changes are designed to provide more intuitive access to frequently used resource categories and major resources within those categories, and resulted from feedback received by library users and library staff members. Proposed changes were incorporated into two rounds of usability testing with cross-disciplinary samples of undergrads, graduate students, faculty and staff.   

Changes to the left menu:

  • Making “Books” the default tab and listing it first  
  • Moving the “E-Resources” tab up and re-labeling it “All E-Resources”
  • Combining “Articles” and “Journals” into one tab (“Articles/Journals”)
  • Removing the  “Harvard Catalogs” tab (resources found here are represented in other tabs)
  • Adding “Audio/Video” and “Data” tabs

Resources to be added:

  • StackLife under “Books”
  • Europeana under “Archives/Manuscripts”
  • Nine resources under “Audio/Video”
  • Six resources  under “Data”

New search boxes:

  • Under the “Books” tab, adding  HOLLIS & HOLLIS Classic Subject searches and StackLife keyword search
  • Under the “Articles” tab, adding Academic Search Premier keyword search
  • Under the “All E-Resources” tab, adding E-Resource keyword and title keyword searches
  • Under the “Archives /Manuscripts” tab, adding keyword search for ArchiveGrid


  • Adding enhanced analytics to the home page to track usage of each tab / resource combination that appears in the widget
  • Adding enhanced analytics to the Search & Find page to track usage of individual filters and resources

Additionally, HGL (Geodata) and PubMed will be added to the Search & Find main menu dropdown.

This effort was led by Kathleen Donovan, research librarian at Gutman Library, and the Portal Working Group Search & Find Subgroup (see members below).

To submit a suggestion about the Library portal, please click here.

Members of the Portal Working Group:

Mary Frances Angelini
Corinna Baksik
Jim Borron
Annie Cain
Enrique Diaz
Thomas Dodson
Kathleen Donovan
Laura Farwell Blake
Paul Hanna
Renata Kalnins
Johanna Kasubowski
Reed Lowrie
Barbara Meloni
Laura Morse
Kira Poplowski
Clayton Scoble
Marina Werbeloff
Keely Wilczek
Sharon Yang