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Trial Staff News and Events Platform Launches

Harvard Library communications and the Library Portal Working Group welcome feedback on a new platform for Library staff news and events.


October 8, 2013—A beta platform for Library staff news and events is now live, and the Library Portal Working Group and the Library communications team welcome comments and suggestions.

Features of the beta platform, which is designed to potentially replace the Library Staff News index page, include:

  • the ability to post multiple content types (stories, events, announcements, etc.) on a single page
  • content “thumbnails” for easy browsing
  • content tagging for easy browsing
  • incorporation of Harvard Library social media
  • an RSS feed

Please send comments and suggestions, which will be used to improve the page and assess its usefulness, to Tom Dodson, web developer.

Members of the Library Portal Working Group:

Mary Frances Angelini, DCE
Jim Borron, HL
Corinna Baksik, LTS
Annie Cain, HLS
Tom Dodson, HL
Kathleen Donovan, GSE
Tom Hanna, FAS
Renata Kalnins, HDS
Reed Lowrie, FAS
Barbara Meloni, HUA
Kira Poplowski (chair), HL
Clayton Scoble, PCDI