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Portal Update: Staff Directory Enhancements

New features include staff member pictures, bios, language skills, etc.


March 18, 2014—In response to feedback from the library community, enhancements to the library staff directory went live today, Tuesday, March 18.

These enhancements allow library staff members to:

  • Add a professional image to your profile
  • Add a professional biography to your profile
  • Add language proficiency to your profile
  • Indicate an affiliation with multiple Harvard libraries

Other enhancements include:

  • Ability to search the staff directory by languages and roles, in addition to by library, School, subject area, name and keyword
  • More robust information on profile thumbnails
  • Clickable email addresses (spambot prevention is now addressed on the back end)
  • A link to the landing page of the staff member’s primary library in each profile
  • Integration of the Request a Research Appointment functionality in the profiles of staff members who opted in to this feature
  • More granular School/unit/department information

Detailed instructions on updating your staff directory entry can be found here. Some of the staff directory data can be provided by you; some are provided by the Harvard central directory database (name, job title, School, department, contact information). If the data provided by the central directory are incorrect, information on how to change them can be found at the link above. Please contact Tom Dodson, our web designer and developer, with any questions.

The staff directory enhancements were guided by members of the Library Portal Working Group:

Mary Frances Angelini, DCE
Corinna Baksik, LTS
Jim Borron, HL
Annie Cain, HLSL
Enrique Diaz, HCL
Sarah Dickinson, GSD
Tom Dodson, HL/HPAC
Kathleen Donovan, GSE
Paul Hanna, AS
Renata Kalnins, HDS
Kristin Koob, HKS
Barbara Meloni, HUA
Kira Poplowski (Chair), HL/HPAC
Clayton Scoble, PCDI