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Project Update: The Next-Generation DRS

Recent and upcoming project milestones.

Kate Bowers

March 18, 2014—Since the February update, members of the DRS Advisory Group shared the DRS metadata migration plan at an open meeting on February 26. The meeting's slides can be found here.

A key takeaway from the open meeting was a comparison of the new DRS to the current DRS using the NDSA Levels of Preservation, a tiered set of recommendations organizations should aspire to in their digital preservation activities and infrastructure. The chart demonstrates that the DRS2 project pushed the DRS to a very advanced state—almost achieving the highest level (Level Four) in each functional area.













Upcoming project milestones include:

  • Enhancements to the new Web Admin to support faceted browsing and bulk processing
  • New opportunities for interaction between users and the DRS development team
  • A session on the DRS metadata migration for remote users (March)
  • A brown-bag to share the technical aspects of the metadata migration (April)
  • An introduction to digital preservation and the DRS (Summer)
  • More opportunities for training and instruction

Please contact the DRS Migration Team with questions or comments about migration to the new DRS.