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E-Books in Classical Studies, European History and Culture Now Available

A pilot project makes more than 1,000 e-books accessible to Harvard community.


March 18, 2014—Harvard Library users now have access to Brill’s entire collection of e-books in Classical Studies (236 titles) and in European History and Culture (994 titles). This access is part of a six-month pilot project aimed at better assessing user needs and the role that e-books can play in meeting those needs.

The Library remains strongly committed to collecting print materials while meeting demand for digital content. The e-book pilot supplements the Library’s print collections by providing access to the same content in a trustworthy digital format. This dual approach is designed to ensure that the Library community has access to cohesive, wide-ranging resources closely aligned with the needs of Harvard’s researchers and effectively responds to changing modes of scholarship and learning. 

The Brill pilot project will compare the use of e-books with the use of print and assess their impact on one another. Some of the questions the project is exploring include:

  • Does full-text searching and browsing on Brill’s website help in content discovery, and consequently lead to an increase in circulation?
  • Do patrons use e-books and print books for different materials, and for different purposes?
  • Why do patrons choose one format over the other?

The project coordinators are:

Lidia Uziel, Librarian for Western Europe, Widener Library
Laureen Esser, Electronic Collections Librarian and E-Resources Coordinator for the Humanities, Information & Technical Services
Matthew Sullivan, Library Assistant, Information & Technical Services 

For additional information about the project please contact Lidia Uziel,