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Discovery Service Update

March 18, 2014

As many of you know, the Library Leadership Team charged a Discovery Platform Investigation Group to explore the Web Scale Discovery tools currently available in the marketplace and make a recommendation regarding the potential use of such a tool at Harvard. I am pleased to report that the DPI group recommended working with Ex Libris to implement Primo for the upcoming academic year. We are currently in negotiations with Ex Libris and hope to have an agreement finalized soon. Primo will make it possible for us to meet a persistent demand from our users for the ability to search for books and articles simultaneously.

The Search and Discovery Group will be hosting an open meeting for the community in April and we will share more details about the selection process, the Primo tool, and implementation plans in that venue.  In the meantime, we have a formed a steering committee, a working group, a technical team, and a usability group to begin work on this project with the goal of going live with an initial launch in September. 

Many thanks to the members of the Discovery Platform Investigation Group, who put in hundreds of hours this fall working on the final report and recommendation. The team members are:

Laura Farwell Blake, FAS
Corinna Baksik, LTS
Kathleen Donovan, GSE
Betsy Eggleston, HMS
Robin McElheny, HUA
Laura Morse, LTS
Ken Peterson, AS
Tracey Robinson (Chair), LTS
Emily Singley, LTS
Carli Spina, HLS
Bonnie Tijerina, ITS
Scott Wicks, ITS

Also logging in many hours were members of the Articles Search Evaluation Group, chaired by Michael Leach (FAS). Members of the group included: Corinna Baksik, Betsy Eggleston, Laureen Esser (HL), Kathleen Sheehan (FAS), Hugh Truslow (FAS), and Keely Wilczek (HKS). Many thanks to you all!

Suzanne Wones
Chair, LLT Search & Discovery Oversight