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Project Update: Shared Shelf
Shared Shelf screen capture

April 1, 2014—The Harvard Library holds more than three million digital images in its collections, and their effective discovery, access and use depends on sophisticated and comprehensive cataloging. The Library is partnering with ARTstor to develop Shared Shelf, which will provide the Library’s next-generation image cataloging system.

The deployment of Shared Shelf, which will replace the current OLIVIA system, is an important step forward in the convergence of image cataloging practices at Harvard—a goal towards which the Library’s dedicated image professionals have been working. Records currently in OLIVIA will be loaded into Shared Shelf using common formats and authorities. The Library will continue to use the DRS for image storage and delivery.

The Harvard Library is one of nine institutional partners working with ARTstor to develop Shared Shelf, and has provided technical and metadata expertise as well as testing support. The additional functionality created through the Library’s collaboration with ARTstor will be available to Harvard and all its Shared Shelf partners.

Shared Shelf’s benefits include:

  • Faster delivery of images to ARTstor Digital Library for faculty use
  • More ready access to controlled vocabularies within Shared Shelf
  • Easier addition of catalogers to the system
  • Less local maintenance—Shared Shelf is hosted by ARTstor as a Software as a Service (SaaS) application
  • The future potential to share collections across institutions, providing wider access to visual content for research, teaching and learning

ARTstor and Harvard Library are currently working to fix the remaining bugs in Shared Shelf. Once ARTstor releases Shared Shelf 1.0, the Library will work with ARTstor to migrate OLIVIA repositories into Shared Shelf. User training will be provided in conjunction with the migration.

For more information on the Shared Shelf project, please contact Ann Whiteside.

Shared Shelf Project Team Members

Steering Group

Mary Clare Altenhofen, FAL
Charles Berlin, Judaica Division
Jim Borron (ex officio), HL
Marilyn Dunn, Schlesinger Library
Tracey Robinson, LTS
Robin Wendler, LTS
Ann Whiteside (Chair), GSD

Cataloging Working Group

Robert Burton, PCDI
William Connor, FAL
Joanne Donovan, Schlesinger Library
Maggie Hale (Chair), PCDI
Alix Reiskind, GSD
Clayton Scoble, PCDI
Robin Wendler, LTS

Technical Advisory Group

William Comstock, PCDI
Violet Radnofsky, Judaica Division
Randy Stern (Chair), LTS
Michael Vandermillen, LTS
Robin Wendler, LTS
Mingtao Zhao, PCDI

Project Manager

David Downs