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Team Profile: Building Operations

Team profiles spotlight groups across Harvard Library. In this Q&A, we spoke with Andrew Laplume, Associate Director of FAS Library Facilities.


Who they are: Building Operations

  • Andrew Laplume—Associate Director of FAS Library Facilities. He is responsible for the overall facilities and security management of the libraries for Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Harvard Library locations and provides long-term and short-term planning, project management, budgets, staff development, and event coordination.
  • Scott A. Waite—Manager of Operations and Security, FAS Library Facilities. He is responsible for managing the day-to-day building and library operations, including Mail Services, Shipping and Receiving, work requests, door checker posts, custodial services, and event coordination. He also manages the security program, including closed circuit television, card access, and alarm systems. Scott coordinates all installations and repairs projects, manages Securitas guards, and assists in the development, implementation and monitoring of library-specific processes and protocols for the protection of the collections during maintenance, emergency repairs, safety programs, and renovations.
  • William Kenyon—Manager of Library Mechanical Systems, FAS Library Facilities. He monitors and maintains mechanical and life safety systems, including HVAC, electrical, plumbing, fire safety systems, elevators, emergency power, and emergency egress. He directs contractors as required to provide continuous service of mechanical and life safety systems. He also monitors and maintains building envelope and structural systems. William manages the work request system to ensure optimal performance and utilization of resources. In addition to this, he provides data and analysis and assists in developing preventative maintenance programs, along with assisting in long-term planning for mechanical and structural systems.
  • Jarred Graves—Library Operations Coordinator, HCL Library Facilities. He coordinates Harvard College Library door checker schedules and works with Securitas to ensure all library bag check posts are staffed. Jarred maintains all door checker stations and library-specific equipment such as book detection gates, Secure Exit, card access turnstiles, computer workstations, badging stations, and office supplies. He also works with all library constituents on VIP tours and event coordination. In addition to this, Jarred coordinates Yard and building access for contractors and maintains the key database, along with the inventory and distribution of keys. He programs Harvard University IDs and door schedules and coordinates small projects and facilities repairs.
  • Barbara Jump—Administrative Coordinator, FAS Library Facilities. She serves as the administrative coordinator for the building operations group and is the initial point of contact for patrons, staff, contractors, and vendors. Barbara processes work requests and invoices, programs Harvard University IDs, distributes keys, and dispatches contractors for repairs. She also handles elevator service issues and compact shelving service calls, FAS telephone repairs, installations, and relocations, as well as coordinating small projects.

What is a project that you’re working on?

Andrew Laplume: Since the start of fiscal year 2016, our building operations team started supporting Harvard Library as the occupant representative for facilities at 625 Massachusetts Avenue, 90 Mt. Auburn Street, 8 Story Street, and the Depository in addition to Faculty of Arts and Sciences locations. We’re leveraging everyone’s skills and experience at these locations as well as blending mechanical and security systems into one organizational structure. Scott, William, and the team are working very hard to create a facilities support system for Library staff.

What is an accomplishment that your team is most proud of?

Andrew Laplume: Our biggest accomplishment has been coordinating events such as the Board of Overseers Dinner and the Chief Marshal’s Spread on Commencement Day. Large events require months of planning and coordination to ensure that there is minimal to no disruption of the day-to-day operations of the Library. Our team works behind the scenes to make sure that there is a quick turnaround from setting up a VIP reception and lunch for 386 people back to normal operations as smoothly as possible.  

What is one big challenge your group is facing?

Andrew Laplume: We’ve extended operating hours, as well as hours for programs and services, and we have preservation environments that must be maintained 24 hours a day. Our goal is to meet everyone’s expectations. Regular maintenance and repairs need careful coordination so as not to disrupt library services. Contingency plans, redundancy in systems such as electrical distribution and pumps, and emergency responses are a part of our daily conversations. Our facilities and security systems are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and our team is the first point of contact.  

How do you feel your team impacts the Harvard Library community?

Andrew Laplume:  We are committed to creating energy-efficient and sustainable environments for the Library. Between the physical environment and security, our organization reaches everyone—students, staff, faculty, and visitors. We are a 24/7 operation which must be accessible at all hours to respond to every kind of crisis situation, from security concerns to weather damage. 

Article published on March 23, 2016.