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Aleph Hits New High

The 14 millionth title was added to the database this month.


April 22, 2014—Aleph, the automated system used to process library materials and provide public access to a database of Harvard Library holdings, reached a new record. The 14 millionth Aleph record was uploaded on April 10. Aleph records are numbered sequentially, so library staff members knew the milestone was coming up.

The milestone was hit by an Arabic title about the Literary Cultural Club of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, published to mark the 40th anniversary of the club’s founding.

“It’s purely by chance but it’s interesting to think about the fact that it’s creating a milestone and also celebrating a milestone,” said Michael Hopper, head of the Middle Eastern Division, whose team acquired the title. The Middle Eastern Division also contributed the titles that became the 10 millionth and 12 millionth records. The 13 millionth Aleph record was loaded on December 12, 2011.