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HOLLIS+ Primo Implementation Update #3

Updates on open sessions, timeline and Phase 2 plan.


June 24, 2014—As shared in May, the Library will implement a beta phase of the Primo discovery system, known as HOLLIS+, on July 15th. Upcoming project milestones include:


The Outreach and Training Team is preparing materials to facilitate a smooth start, as well as studying Primo implementations at peer institutions and developing a LibGuide to go live by July 15 that will include:

  1. FAQs for staff
  2. FAQs for patrons
  3. A HOLLIS+ demo-request form
  4. A feedback form
  5. A calendar of open meetings, demos & drop-ins

The calendar of outreach events includes

  1. Open meetings to learn more about HOLLIS+: July 15 - 18

(The sessions in Lamont will be Webexed for staff members in Washington, DC and Italy.)

 2. Multiple drop-in sessions at 90 Mt. Auburn, Lamont & 625 Mass Ave.

Technical and Implementation Teams

The Technical and Implementation Teams are currently focusing on layout, search options, pre-search limiters, facets and options for results lists. User interface customization choices were informed by testing done by the Usability Team. To date, the Usability Team designed and conducted usability tests on the Harvard Library navigation bar, a new Journals page and the HOLLIS+ homepage. 


Upcoming key events in the project include:

  1. New navigation bar and Journals page deployed across Harvard Library web sites: July – August
    new navigation bar
  2. Beta launch for library staff: July 15
  3. Initial staff feedback period: July 15 – August 8
  4. Public launch: August 8
  5. Ongoing feedback opportunity for staff and other users:  August-
  6. HOLLIS+ Phase 2: September-December

In addition to a special collections focus, the second phase of the project includes refinements of HOLLIS+ features and services based on user input.

Special Collections

Phase 2 of the Primo project will begin in September and will focus on the needs of special collections. Additional development work will be done to incorporate images and finding aids, along with prioritizing and planning the addition of other data sources (for example, HGL or research guides) into HOLLIS+. The project working groups will be reorganized to represent special collections needs and expertise.

Please find additional reading and contact details at the project wiki.