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Library Staff Welcome Freshmen at Annual Open House
Jia Lin Jin and Susan Fliss greet freshmen in Lamont lobby.

September 9, 2014—Over 200 incoming College students came to the annual Lamont & Beyond library open house event to learn about library collections, spaces and services. Dozens of library staff members from across 25 libraries welcomed the freshmen with swag and raffled prizes in addition to informational materials, and fellow students showed them through the building.

Many of the freshmen had already visited Lamont as prospective students, but made the time to visit during the rigorous circuit of orientation events. “Orientation has been very tiring,” said Anna Alsop (College ’18), who stopped by to explore Lamont through the lens of a patron instead of as a visitor. She predicted many late nights to come, explaining, “I’m a library studier.”

Most freshmen attendees opted to take the peer-led tour. Student workers led small groups through the facility, explaining resources while pointing out popular features like the Farnsworth Room, the Woodberry Poetry Room and the Lamont Media Collection, as well as their favorite study spaces.

“Did you get the stress balls?” Lamont student employee Annie Dang (College ’16) asked her tour group, joking cheerfully, “You’ll need them.”

In addition to the Lamont staff, several other libraries participated in the outreach efforts. A science-fair-style setup in Lamont’s B30 accommodated tables for other libraries and services including Cabot Science Library, Tozzer Library, Harvard-Yenching Library, Loeb Music Library, HOLLIS+, Baker Library, University Archives, Harvard Map Collection, Jobs, Digital Collections, Fine Arts Library, Get It! and Houghton Library.

After explaining the Woodberry Poetry Collection to students and taking questions, Curator Christina Davis sent the freshman off with enthusiasm, saying, “You are at a luminous time in your life; I encourage you to explore and deepen the connections between all of the things you are interested in.”

Library staff who took part in the open house included: Priscilla Anderson, Lynn Ansaldo, John Baldisserotto, Dorothy Barr, Emily Bell, Susan Berstler, Laura Farwell Blake, Allison Bolles, Joe Bourneauf, Amanda Bowen, Colleen Bryant, Bonnie Burns, James Capobianco, George Clark, Jason Clarke, Emilie Codega, Annie Dang, Christina Davis, Nanni Deng, Enrique Diaz, Linda DiBenedetto, Tim Driscoll, Paulette Dusossoit, Caitlin Elwood, Anna Esty, Melanie Evans, Susan Fliss, Joseph Garver, Susan Gilman, Susan Gilroy, Maggie Hale, Thom Hammond, Paul Hanna, Pamela Hopkins, Romona Islam, Jennifer Jacobsen, Jia Lin Jin, Melissa Joseph, Emily Kelly, Gwang-ho Kim, Steve Kuehler, Juliana Kuipers, Ron Lacy, Cheryl LaGuardia, Michael Leach, Chris Lenney, Reed Lowrie, Kate Massinger, Kerry Masteller, Christopher Masterson, Jaime McAllister Grande, Katie McGrath, Kuniko McVey, Christopher Morse, Joshua Parker, Diondra Peck, Jennifer Pelrose, Crraig Rodgers, Linda Rosen, Jonathan Rosenwasser, Lynn Sayers, Kathleen Sheehan, Leila Smith, Diane Sredl, Mallory Stark, Caroline Tanski, Hugh Truslow, Liza Vick, Camila Victoriano, Scott Walker, Paul Worster.