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New at the Libraries
New at the Libraries

September 2, 2014—What’s new at Harvard’s libraries this semester? New services, programs and spaces designed to meet user needs in new, often innovative ways.

A single starting point to search across Harvard’s vast library resources.
HOLLIS+ uses a single starting point to search across books, articles, images, etc.
HOLLIS+ integrates with MyAccount for a seamless user experience.
HOLLIS+ provides complete support for search and display of vernacular scripts and transliterations.
See HOLLIS+ quick tips.

Speedier exits at two of Harvard’s busiest libraries.
Self check-out machines
were installed at Lamont and Cabot and will be online soon.
Additional exits are now open at Pusey Library and Lamont West.

A new Tozzer Library.
Harvard’s anthropological library re-opened after a two-year renovation. The redesigned LEED-certified space features natural light, comfortable seating, integrated technology and collaborative learning spaces.

Pick up materials at the library of your choice.
With the new Harvard Direct service, patrons can request cross-campus delivery of Harvard-owned materials.

Online carrel reservations.
Reserve a quiet space to study entirely online
. Modeled on airline seat selection systems, Inscriptio lets patrons quickly and easily book a carrel from a map of available space.

Speedy answers to copyright questions.
Librarians trained in copyright law can respond to questions through the new Copyright First Responders Program.

From the Alps to the Ocean in Pusey Library features WWI maps
InsideOUT: Contemporary Bindings of Private Press Books in Houghton Library
What They Wrote, What They Saved at Schlesinger Library
Lives of the Great Patriotic War, an exhibit from the Blavatnik Archive, will be held at Pusey Library 

Life Beyond the Law: Exploring Student Life Outside the Harvard Law School Classroom at the Harvard Law School Library