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Project Update: The Next-Generation Digital Repository Service
screenshot of DRS audio playlist

August 19, 2014—Last month, a new release of DRS software was put into production. The release included support for audio playlists in the new Streaming Delivery Service (SDS), the ability to store Level 4 (very sensitive) information in support of the EAS email archiving project and more. The full release notes are available here.

Also last month, two new DRS user groups were formed - the DRS Testing Group and the DRS Training Group. These groups will meet for the first time in September.

The DRS Testing Group will help test the usability of systems, the ability to perform deposit and management workflows and will provide feedback on system documentation. It will be chaired by Vitaly Zakuta from Library Technology Services (LTS), and will be composed of:

  • Hilary Kline, Imaging Services
  • Ines Zalduendo, Frances Loeb Library
  • Joanne Donovan, Schlesinger Library
  • Joe DeVeer, Ernst Mayr Library, Museum of Comparative Zoology
  • Julie Swierczek, Harvard Art Museums
  • Katie Kujala, Harvard Art Museums
  • Kerry Masteller, Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library
  • Melanie Wisner, Houghton Library
  • Mingtao Zhao, Imaging Services
  • Steve Chapman, Law Library
  • Vanessa Venti, Imaging Services
  • Whitley Frost, Harvard Map Collection

The DRS Training Group will help plan and conduct DRS training, and advise on improvements to training. It will be chaired by Julie Wetherill from LTS and will be composed of:

  • Hilary Kline, Imaging Services
  • Vanessa Venti, Imaging Services

In addition, Rehana Rahman joined LTS as a senior software engineer to work on the DRS. Rehana’s specializations include Java, web-based client/server applications, object-oriented design and UI design. She has worked at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, BigBelly Solar, Interactive Data Corporation and Accenture, and holds MAs in computer systems engineering and chemical engineering.

Project milestones and events include:

  • Design of a new process to solicit, prioritize and communicate the status of DRS enhancements by the DRS Advisory Group
  • The metadata migration for color profiles and text methodologies (completed in July)
  • The metadata migration for target images and PDF documents (August)