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Strategic Library Priorities and Projects for FY15

July 1, 2014The primary exercise of the Library Leadership Team (LLT) retreat in June was to review and finalize possible FY15 strategic priorities and projects—many suggested by staff members—for the Library.

Following an assessment of options, the LLT determined that the following FY15 priorities and projects most closely align with the Library’s mission, strategic objectives and resources. The projects marked with an asterisk (*) were championed by a library staff member.


FY15 Strategic Priorities Related FY15 Strategic Projects Related Library Strategic Objective

1. Collection Development


  • Continue implementation of content and collection development strategy
  • Reduce physical and digital backlogs


Implement a Harvard Library collection and content development strategic plan in support of University-wide research, teaching and learning for today and the future.

2. Implement Enhanced Discovery and Delivery System


  • Implement HOLLIS+
  • Library Cloud


Enable effective access to the world of knowledge and data through intuitive discovery, networks of expertise and global collaborations.

3. Open Access

  • Continue implementation of OA policies at Harvard


4. New Library Management Platform


  • Begin investigation of a next-generation library management platform (*)



5. University-Wide RTL Support


  • Create a system-wide research, teaching and learning group (*)
  • Increase understanding of faculty and graduate student use of information


Deliver innovative and programmatic support for learning and research in partnership with faculty and other research and pedagogical support organizations.

6. Understand and Deliver Digital Objects


  • Study patron choices related to digital objects (*)
  • Develop a new Page Delivery Service and Shared Canvas (*)


7. Coordinated Digitization


  • Make significant progress in digitizing Harvard’s unique collections and collaborate on plan for strategic and coordinated system-wide program for digitization and born digital content


Steward vulnerable and critical research information in partnership with academic and administrative functions across the University and beyond.

8. Manage Born Digital


  • Manage and collect electronic/born-digital archival materials
  • Develop tools for born digital materials (Develop and maintain WAX; develop tools for appraising, accessioning, etc. born-digital materials; develop an electronic archives pilot project) (*)



9. New HD Storage Strategy and Business Model


  • Review Harvard Depository business model, implement alternatives to HD inventory control system



10. Staff Development


  • Staff development – Expand our culture of learning through staff development


Support a robust professional development network in a learning organization for library staff to achieve the strategic initiatives and the mission of the Harvard Library

Next steps include charting roadmaps, which include regular project updates, for FY15 project execution and tracking, as well as engaging the library community in discussions of organizational values and “bold ideas” on which they library might also focus.