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Update on Information and Technical Services Projects

April 29, 2014—The Information and Technical Services (ITS) Department has launched a Planning and Goal Setting Initiative (Project) designed to develop in three phases over the course of fiscal years 14 and 15.

The goals we hope to achieve are summed up in four points with an overarching mission to support the acquisition and discovery of our rich library collections.

  1. To build a sustainable organization that succeeds in delivering services that users need.
  2. To allow users to access a broad range of materials more quickly at point-of-need by addressing enduring backlogs in the near-term.
  3. To support better access to our unique collections and underserved formats.
  4. To support other library initiatives that address unmet needs (e.g. new types of acquisitions, search optimization in discovery platforms, data curation, and HarvardX).

Based on staff input in 2013 and after a call for volunteers, 19  projects are underway for Phase 1.  Project members officially began work in March, 2014.  You can follow our progress at: ITS Planning and Goal Setting FY14-15

The projects are structured around ITS workflows and infrastructure.  Individual ITS Units have launched workflow projects to analyze procedures and adopt best practices.  Infrastructure projects cover Role clarification, Training and learning, Documentation, and Communication.

We envision organizing the workflow and the infrastructure projects into roughly three phases:

  • Phase 1: January-June 2014. We will focus primarily on workflow analysis projects that facilitate more efficient workflows, with some attention to key infrastructure projects.
  • Phase 2: July – December 2014.  We will shift focus somewhat to plan for working on new kinds of material as well as additional infrastructure projects.
  • Phase 3: January-June 2015.  We will finalize implementation of all our projects and assess what we've accomplished and what lies ahead.

We welcome any feedback regarding these initiatives.  Please feel free to leave a comment on any project page: ITS Planning and Goal Setting FY14-15  or contact a Project Manager directly.

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