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Introducing: HOLLIS Persistent Links

HOLLIS Persistent Links provide durable links to HOLLIS records (from Aleph). Links displayed in HOLLIS records have been updated to contain these new links.

Why should I use HOLLIS Persistent Links?

  • Previous HOLLIS links were different depending on the system used.
  • These new Persistent Links will always resolve to the Harvard Library's primary catalog.
  • You can add persistent HOLLIS links to a LibGuide, or to records in VIA, OASIS or HGL.

How does it work?

  • HOLLIS Persistent Links resolve to the catalog record in HOLLIS (AquaBrowser)
  • When HOLLIS+ becomes the Harvard Library's primary catalog, the persistent link will resolve to the catalog record in HOLLIS+ (Primo)

Where can I find a HOLLIS Persistent Link for an item?



  • Find the record in Aleph
  • copy the 9 character Aleph System Number, e.g. 009993662


  • Display of persistent links in HOLLIS+ will be implemented when it becomes the primary catalog.

When is this happening?

  • Persistent links to HOLLIS records are available now.
  • Persistent links are currently limited to Aleph records.  
  • We will add support for other data sources (VIA, OASIS, etc.) over time.
  • Persistent Links to HOLLIS Classic are not planned.

This information is also available on our library staff wiki. Please use the Aleph Support Center to send us your questions and ideas.