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Media Round-Up

July 22, 2014—Recent stories featuring library staff members, collections and programs.

Bronte juvenilia at Houghton and their conservationHarvard Gazette, The Genesis of Genius; BuzzFeed, The Brontes Made Tiny Books as Children; Los Angeles Times, The Teeny Tiny Bronte Books 

Baker Library's 19th century advertising exhibitionHarvard GazetteEarly Experiments in Catching the Eye

A column by Bob DarntonChronicle of Higher EducationMilton, Locke and Net Neutrality

The new Copyright First Responders programHarvard CrimsonHarvard Will Save You From Your Copyright Crisis

Harvard Film Archive's Fritz Lang seriesHarvard Gazette, Tracking Fritz Lang

Open access and DASHHarvard Gazette, Scholarly Access to All