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Harvard Heroes in the Library

Michelle Durocher and Susan Radovsky were announced as Harvard Heroes in a ceremony honoring 63 outstanding staff members across the University. 


In a celebration at Sanders Theatre, President Drew Faust announced the 2016 Harvard Heroes, including two honorees from Harvard Library: Michelle Durocher, head of metadata management for Information and Technical Services, and Susan Radovsky, who is part of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Metadata Creation team in Information and Technical Services. The ceremony honored 63 staff members from across Harvard who inspire their colleagues through leadership and excellence.

President Faust spoke about the contributions of both Harvard Library awardees:

Michelle Durocher: “Your wisdom informs cataloging projects across the University and motivates staff to learn and practice new skills. You scout opportunities to make the library’s work fruitful beyond the Yard, equipping organizations all over the world for a new era of library information. In a field where the goal is perpetuity, you lead with unending devotion to Harvard Library.”

Susan Radovsky: “Colleagues clamor to collaborate with you because you make even major tasks seem surmountable. You volunteered for a six-month metadata course to contribute to library projects in new ways and shared your knowledge with others—all in addition to your daily duties in Informational and Technical Services. Your enthusiasm for continuous learning and improvement is contagious.”

Article written by Harvard Library Communications.

Article published on July 20, 2016.