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Digital Library of the Eastern Mediterranean

Harvard Library received a two-year grant to explore the development of a digital library of resources relating to and originating in the Middle East. The Digital Library of the Eastern Mediterranean (DLEM) aims to improve significantly the state of online access to digital records and documents produced from the Eastern Mediterranean region, and/or located in multiple archives in the Eastern Mediterranean, including places like Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey, and neighboring states.

The Library has made significant progress towards envisioning the scope of the DLEM, which is conceived of presently as an online portal to facilitate the scholarly public’s discovery, access, and use of relevant digitized materials in the repositories of collaborators and partners worldwide. We have held two meetings, at Harvard and the University of Cambridge, to engage the form and content of this proposed portal. Participants included librarians, scholars, and technologists from institutions located in America, Europe, and the Middle East. We have also worked with external developers to create a wireframe for a prototype of the proposed portal. Finally, we have selected a small portion of unique archives at Harvard to digitize concerning the 19th-century activities of missionaries in the Levant. Currently we have begun planning for an early 2017 meeting in the eastern Mediterranean region, after which the Harvard Library will prepare a report on the planning phase and make recommendations for the future of the DLEM. The project has benefitted greatly from the expertise and support of the Library staff, for which everyone involved in managing the DLEM is most grateful.

Article written by Kathryn Schwartz, Postdoctoral Fellow for the Digital Library of the Eastern Mediterranean, Harvard University​. 

Article published on August 24, 2016.