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What’s New at Lamont Library? Ask Us!

A new unified service model aims to improve connection and collaboration among library staff, faculty, and students. 


Lamont Library implements a new unified service model this September. The centerpiece of this model is the new unified service point in the first-floor lobby. Here, Access Services and Research Services provide a combined “front door” through which our users can engage more easily with library staff. Users and staff can also connect with all the resources and expertise that Lamont has to offer.

The heart of the unified service model is cross-training. All of us who work in Lamont are broadening our knowledge of the basic aspects of Access, Research and Media Services. In addition to this, we are receiving orientation to the wide selection of evolving resources offered through the Harvard Map Collection. This allows staff to be participants in the whole Lamont experience and helps our users better understand library staff as collaborators in a unified working environment.

The Lamont Library staff and stakeholders have provided invaluable insight and help in the past year to identify areas for improvement in the user experience. The unified service model is one result of this feedback. It aims to make the rich array of services, programs, and expertise that is available throughout Lamont more accessible to students, staff, and faculty. By making the environment within Lamont more of a collaborative partnership between users and staff, we strengthen its role as a hub of academic work and learning.

View the design of the unified service point in the attached PDF

Article by Marty Schreiner, Librarian of Lamont Library and Director of Maps, Media, Data and Government Information.

Article published on August 31, 2016.