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Library Positions Posted
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The following positions are currently available in the library system. Please visit ASPIRE and search by requisition number for more information.

  • Access Services Assistant (Req# 36652BR, Grade 52)
  • Access Services Assistant (Req# 36654BR, Grade 52)
  • Access Services Assistant (Req# 36671BR, Grade 51)
  • Associate University Librarian for Scholarly Resources (Req# 37024BR, Grade 62)
  • Director and Head Librarian, Countway Library of Medicine (Req# 36037BR, Grade 62)
  • Head of Electronic Resources (Req# 36994BR, Grade 59)
  • Head, Social Sciences and Visualization, MMDGI (Req# 36710BR, Grade 58)
  • Lab Manager, User Research Center (Req# 36804BR, Grade 55)
  • Project Processing Archivist, Harvard University Archives (Req# 36793BR, Grade 56)
  • Project Processing Archivist, Harvard Unversity Archives (Req# 37033BR, Grade 56)
  • Reader Services Librarian, Dumbarton Oaks Research Library (Req# 37053BR, Grade 56)
  • Reference and Education Librarian, Countway Library of Medicine (Req# 36261BR, Grade 57)
  • Research Services Assistant, Harvard Law School Library (Req# 36604BR, Grade 52)
  • Reserves Coordinator, Access Services (Req# 36673BR, Grade 53)
  • Systems Librarian, Harvard University Information Technology (Req# 37051BR, Grade 57)
  • Visual Image and Metadata Cataloger, Fine Arts Library (Req# 36998BR, Grade 56)
  • Web Production and Instructional Technology Support Coordinator, MMDGI (Req# 36594BR, Grade 54)

published on September 08, 2015; updated September 09, 2015