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Project Update: The Next-Generation Digital Repository Service

November 26, 2013—Progress on the on the next-generation Digital Repository Service (DRS) since the last update, includes:

  • Library Technology Services (LTS) is creating migration tools to perform a precision migration of the vast quantity of DRS metadata that describes over 45 million files in the DRS. Cloud computing and computing cluster options are being explored to distribute the large amount of processing power required.
  • Migrating Metadata: A first draft of a proposed migration plan is being finalized. Since migration will impact all users, including DRS depositors, content owners and collection managers, beginning in December, a series of meetings to solicit feedback on the proposal will be held. 
  • User Training, Phase II: Wendy Gogel from Preservation Services and Vitaly Zakuta from LTS are preparing a small set of DRS users to become the first depositors in the new DRS. The first production deposit is scheduled for early December.

This update is provided by the DRS Advisory Group, and regular progress reports will be sent via e-mail and included in Library Updates.

The DRS Advisory Group provides oversight and guidance during the rollout phase of the DRS2 project and ensures that the user community of active DRS depositors and content owners contributes to decisions about the rollout. Its members are:

Amy Benson
Kate Bowers
Bill Comstock
Franziska Frey (chair)
Andrea Goethals
Wendy Gogel
Tracey Robinson
Randy Stern