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A Note from Sarah Thomas

November 26, 3013

Dear Colleagues,

I am looking forward to my first Thanksgiving in the United States for many years. In 2010, Oxford's students picked Thanksgiving eve to take over the Bodleian's historic Radcliffe Camera, and I spent the night with them, making sure the library went unscathed. At one point the revolutionaries, who were protesting a rise in tuition, discussed my presence, asserting that I was there at the behest of the administration. "No," I protested, "I'm here because I love our library." To my surprise, 70 arms stretched out in jazz hands to signify agreement. At dawn I was relieved from my shift and went home, telling my family to wake me up when the turkey was ready at 2 pm. During our apple pie, the vice-chancellor called to let me know that security was entering the building. The students were let go without charges, and they apologized for leaving without cleaning up. You can see the YouTube video of dancing on the tables here.

I hope this Thanksgiving is less eventful, and I wish you and your friends and families a wonderful holiday. I have much to be thankful for, especially for the opportunity to be at Harvard. I feel warmly embraced by you and others in the community, and I am very optimistic about our future.

With best wishes for your Thanksgiving,