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Harvard Library E-Cards Now Available!

They’re beautiful! They’re eco-friendly! They’re free!

A Harvard Library e-card image from Schlesinger Library.

December 10, 2013—Harvard Library holiday e-cards featuring images from Harvard collections are now available on the Harvard Library portal.

This beta project incorporates six beautiful images from three Harvard Library repositories on free Harvard Library e-cards. The e-cards, which can be personalized, are available to anyone with access to the Harvard Library portal, and can be sent to any email address.

In addition to an image from a collection, each e-card includes an optional personal message, a brief description of the image, a link to the catalog entry and a link to the e-cards landing page.

If the holiday e-cards prove popular, a program of regular e-cards will be considered for other holidays, like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. and, if so, crowd-source image suggestions from the Library community.

The e-cards were developed by Tom Dodson, web developer. Marilyn Dunn from Schlesinger, Rachel Howarth and Susan Pyzynski from Houghton, Megan Sniffin-Marinoff from the Archives and Deb Wallace from Knowledge and Library Services agreed to use of images from their collections and provided valuable feedback.