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Team Profile: Administrative and Operations Support Services

Team profiles spotlight groups across Harvard Library. In this Q&A, we spoke with Naomi Handler, manager of Administrative and Operations Support Services.


From left to right: Steven Brzozowski, Naomi Handler, Crystal Dorman, Courtney Sullivan, and Dimitrios Dogas.

Who they are:  Harvard Library and Harvard College Library Administrative and Operations Support Services Team

  • Steven Brzozowski—staff assistant for Harvard Library. He supports Franziska Frey and Scott Wicks in their work, including managing calendars and travel, supporting event planning, reimbursing expenses, and handling all administrative requests.
  • Dimitrios Dogas—administrative coordinator for Harvard Library and Harvard College Library. Works with Naomi on large-scale administrative and operations projects, and supports the development of policies and procedures, as well as event planning and stewardship.
  • Crystal Dorman—staff assistant for Harvard College Library, supporting Susan Fliss and Katie McGrath, which includes: managing calendars and travel, reimbursing expenses, handling administrative requests, and managing office supplies for Widener Library.
  • Naomi Handler—manager and team leader. She manages all staff equipment (such as computers, scanners, phones, printers, etc.), administrative policies, and emergency management teams.
  • Courtney Sullivan—executive assistant to Sarah Thomas. She supports Sarah in all her work, including managing her calendar and travel, coordinating correspondence, and reimbursing expenses. She also handles administrative requests and coordinates large-scale meetings.

What is a project that you’re working on?

Naomi Handler: We are currently working on the Harvard Phone project. All Harvard phones will be updated to voice over IP models over the next five years, and the libraries are the second group to migrate after HUIT.

What are some accomplishments that your team is most proud of?

Naomi Handler: We’ve started a bi-monthly meeting of administrators from each area of the library community. This group has been very beneficial for making connections among staff members. We’ve also created a wiki page for business process documentation, which allows each of us to learn from one another and provide the best possible support. Each member of the team has been very helpful and supportive in these projects.

What is one big challenge your group is facing?

Naomi Handler: Our team is relatively new and we’re still learning about the library. We’re working on hosting some meet and greets in the spring to meet more people across the community.

How do you feel your team impacts the Harvard Library community?

Naomi Handler: Our team supports the senior management team and provides administrative coordination for all of their day-to-day activities. We also manage the administrative and operations policies and procedures for Harvard Library and Harvard College Library, making sure that everyone has the equipment and support they need to be successful in their roles.

Article published on January 20, 2016.