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Holiday Party Slideshow

December 17, 2013—Thank you to those who organized the 2013 Harvard Library Party: Coleen Burgess, Jason Frederick Cassani Clarke, Ann-Marie Costa, Jacqueline Ford, Meg Kribble, Juliana Kuipers, B. Kevin Lau, Aubrey Leas, Jingjing Liu, Brooke McManus, Kathy Moody, Lynne M. Schmelz and Jennifer Ward, as well as to the catering team who provided lovely treats and terrific service.


Holiday Party at Radcliffe Gymnasium

The 2013 Harvard Library Holiday Party was held in Radcliffe Gymnasium on Thursday, December 12.


Decorations at the Harvard Library Holiday Party.


Cupcakes. Yum. 

Sarah Thomas

Sarah Thomas chats with library colleagues.


Chorus Boston offers songs of the season.

Robert Darnton

University Librarian Robert Darnton joins the festivties.