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Announcing the Harvard Library Leadership Team

December 18, 2012


Dear colleagues,


In August and September, Helen and I met with library directors from across Harvard to discuss how to collaborate on realizing the aspirations for the new Harvard Library organization. Our conversations resulted in the formation of a Harvard Library Leadership Team. The Team is composed of library directors from HCL (Susan Fliss, Dan Hazen, Lynne Schmelz), HBS (Debra Wallace), Radcliffe (Marilyn Dunn), HKS (Lesley Donnell), HLS (Suzanne Wones), HMS (David Osterbur), GSD (Ann Whiteside), GSE (John Collins) and HDS (Douglas Gragg); the Shared Services heads (Matthew Sheehy, Scott Wicks, Franziska Frey); the executive director (Helen Shenton); the Affinity Group heads (Leslie Donnell, Lynne Schmelz, Douglas Gragg, Ann Whiteside, Megan Sniffin-Marinoff); the Office of Scholarly Communications program manager (Suzanne Kriegsman); the Library Technology Services managing director (Tracey Robinson); and the Harvard Library chief financial officer (Lisa Schwallie), director of communications (Kira Poplowski) and senior program manager (Jim Borron). The group is chaired by me as senior associate provost. Together we will establish and work on shared goals related to cross-library initiatives, strategies and policies.  


The Library Leadership Team’s first task is to work with the Library community to develop a set of shared goals for FY14-FY17 and recommend a set of shared initiatives for FY14 to the Library Board. David Osterbur, Franziska Frey, Matthew Sheehy and Suzanne Wones will be in touch about ways you can work with us to develop these recommendations. We all look forward to your contributions to our future direction.


Please contact any member of the Library Leadership Team with questions.


Best regards,


Mary Lee Kennedy
Senior Associate Provost for the Harvard Library


(Edited on Dec. 19 to add names as well as titles.)