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Julie Goldman is the new Countway Research Data Services Librarian with the Harvard Library. This new position is a dual role involving program development activities and providing data-related services directly to researchers. Julie will be... Read more

Jennifer Allison has written the chapter “Law Librarianship as a Subject Specialty” for the recently published book Mastering Subject Specialties:... Read more

On March 2 and 3, practitioners of email archiving from multiple cultural heritage institutions such as the Smithsonian Institution Archives, the Library of Congress, Stanford University Libraries, and MIT gathered together at Harvard Library for... Read more

Melissa Banta and Elena Bulat of the Weissman Preservation Center published an article in a special issue of the Journal of Contemporary Archival Studies (JCAS) entitled “Salted Paper Prints and the Harvard Class Albums.” The special issue was... Read more

New services. Reference librarians at Countway do not staff a reference desk. Instead we make consultation appointments with library users seeking our services for aid with finding materials, database searching, systematic reviews, and... Read more

The Center for the History of Medicine (CHoM) at Countway Library has long been an integral member of the Medical Heritage Library (MHL), a collaboration among leading national and international libraries to digitize their historical holdings and... Read more

The job of medical librarianship is extraordinarily rewarding. When you help someone you receive the immediate appreciation of the person that has been helped, a fulfilling part of the role of many librarians, but one also comes to understand... Read more

The Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) has awarded the Center for the History of Medicine at Countway Library a grant of over $365,000. The grant will enable the Center and collaborators at the University of Alberta Libraries to... Read more

Volunteers and community members met to share food, recipes and remedies at the Countway Community Garden’s Harvest Festival. Attendees enjoyed hand-bagged herbal teas and a potluck feast made by the gardeners. Slideshow published on September 23... Read more

August 13, 2014—The antibody treatment given to two American missionaries infected with the Ebola virus may seem like a modern day miracle cure, but researchers created similar, if cruder, antibody therapies as far back as the 1880s to treat... Read more