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February 14, 2015

Dear colleagues,   With yet another unprecedented winter storm headed our way this evening and expected to last throughout the day tomorrow, we have decided to suspend operations at all HCL and FAS libraries as well as... Read more

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dear colleagues,

The Harvard Library will open tomorrow as usual. From the responses I have seen about individual libraries, I expect them to open as well. We will of course need to make adjustments if... Read more

January 27, 2015

Dear colleagues,

I hope you all have stayed warm and dry today. After closely monitoring the progress of the storm today, University officials have announced that we will reopen and classes will resume at Harvard... Read more

Dear colleagues,

Like you all, we have been closely monitoring forecasts of the incoming storm that is expected to reach Cambridge and Boston this evening. At this time, we are working with University leadership to determine the best... Read more

Dear members of the Harvard community,

We are closely monitoring the snowstorm that is expected to reach the Cambridge/Boston area tomorrow morning. The snowfall is expected to be underway during the morning commute but change over to rain... Read more

Dear members of the Harvard community,

We are closely monitoring the snow storm that is approaching the Cambridge/Boston area. We expect to see precipitation begin over the next few hours, and snowfall is expected to increase in intensity... Read more

Winter Storm Warnings will be issued for all of southern New England.


Snow begins late tonight with heaviest snow Thursday night into early Friday.  An inch or two is possible for the Thursday... Read more

Accumulating snow is likely across much of Southern New England from late Saturday into early Sunday. Here are some highlights with the finer details to be determined over the next day or two.


A period of moderate to heavy... Read more

Today’s light snow/sleet will transition to freezing rain or just rain nearer the coast by mid-morning and will linger into the afternoon.  

Tomorrow, some snowfall (approaching 3") is possible especially south of the... Read more