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Library Sponsors Access to Chronicle of Higher Education

Harvard Library is now providing premium access to content on the Chronicle of Higher Education web site. Users who reach the site via HOLLIS+ or another Library source will be prompted for their Harvard ID and PIN and then given full access.

Users who reach the Chronicle site from a non-Library source (such as a Google search or an emailed link to an article) have two options:

  1. Use the Harvard Library Proxy Bookmarklet (or similar tool) to reload the site. The user will be prompted for her Harvard ID and PIN and then given full access.
  2. Create a personal account at the Chronicle web site using her Harvard email address. Users logging in with a personal account are not prompted to enter a Harvard ID and PIN.

The Library recommends accessing the Chronicle via HOLLIS+ when:

  • Users prefer to remain anonymous to the Chronicle
  • Users don’t want to manage a personal account

The Library recommends creating a personal account at when:

  • Users would like to receive newsletters via email with links that are easy to click
  • Users would like to download the Chronicle’s iPad edition