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February All-Staff Meetings

February 24, 2014

Dear colleagues,

I am looking forward to sharing some updates with you at our all-staff meetings scheduled for 10am and 3pm on Thursday. Both will be held in Langdell Hall, and since seating is limited, you can sign up here and here.

Normally I like to hold sessions on different days and at different times so if people are out one day, they have a second opportunity.  However, Jennifer’s been searching for a room since early January, and was held up as schools didn’t want to release space until classes were assigned rooms.  We grabbed Langdell when it became available, and only later realized the unfortunate clash with the popular visualization conference.  I’ll try to avoid conflicts like this in the future.

I’d also like to clarify that these sessions are open to staff throughout the libraries, not just people working in Shared Services. 

For those who cannot make one of the all-staff meetings, a summary of my comments will be posted on the Library portal and included in the March 4 Library Update. Additionally, a live stream of the meetings will be available here and I encourage you to send me your questions in advance.

Best wishes,



Sarah E. Thomas
Vice President for the Harvard Library
Roy E. Larsen Librarian for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences