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Harvard Library Joins 2012 E-Science Institute

September 25, 2012—The Harvard Library, in collaboration with 20 major research libraries such as Yale and the University of Michigan, is participating in the 2012 E-Science Institute. Co-sponsored by Association of Research Libraries, the Digital Library Federation and DuraSpace, the program provides a structured process for creating an e-science support agenda for a library, developed in collaboration with scholars, e-science/data experts and academic computing/research IT teams.

Since 2011, digital scholarship has been a strategic priority for the Harvard Library. Thanks to the initiative of Lynne Schmelz and Susan Fliss, the Library has this new opportunity to advance e-science support across Schools and to build a strong community of practice at Harvard.


Library staff members can participate as a member of the library administrator persona team, or academic computing/research IT team or as a science/data librarian or expert.


Options for involvement include:

  • Providing input (either written or at meetings or via interviews) from library patrons on their needs from the Library in the areas of e-science and e-research.
  • Making sure knowledge about the services your library already provides is made available to the team and the Library as a whole.
  • Attending webinars on strategic planning for library and IT organizations. There will also be supplemental webinars dealing with more practical aspects of e-science services.

Program support materials can be found here and can be shared within Harvard community. Results of the program will likely be shared for further planning in early January 2012.


Please contact program facilitators with any questions and suggestions: Connie Rinaldo, Gosia Stergios and Katie Vale.


Current registered members of the Institute include:

Paul Cote (GSD)
Merce Croses (IQSS)
James Cuff (FAS)
Michelle Durocher (HL)
Chris Erdmann (CFA)
Stephen Erwin (GSD)
Wendy Gogel (HL)
Kathryn Hammond Baker (HMS)
Jud Harward (HUIT)
David Hummel (HMS)
Jonathan Kennedy (HMS)
Michael Leach (HCL)
Douglas MacFadden (HMS)
Giordana Mecagni (HMS)
David Osterbur (HMS)
Alix Reiskind (GSD)
Martin Schreiner (HCL)
Ann Baird Whiteside (GSD)