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Harvard Library Open Positions

December 11, 2012—The following positions are currently available in the Harvard Library. Please visit ASPIRE and search by requisition number for more information.


  • Collections and Outreach Librarian—Harvard Graduate School of Design (Grade 58, Requisition 27252BR)
  • Design Data Librarian—Harvard Graduate School of Design (Grade 56, Requisition 27791BR)
  • Faculty Services Librarian—Harvard Law School (Grade 57, Requisition 27916BR)
  • Islamic Law Library Assistant—Harvard Law School (Grade 54, Requisition 27913BR)
  • Web Applications Developer, Library Digital Access Group—Harvard Law School (Grade 57, Requisition 28133BR)
  • Library Assistant VII—Harvard College Library (Grade 54, Requisition 28393BR)
  • Library Assistant V—Harvard College Library (Grade 52, Requisition 28317BR)
  • Librarian for Western Europe—Harvard College Library (Grade 59, Requisition 28281BR)
  • Financial Associate—Harvard College Library (Grade 54, Requisition 228401BR)
  • Director of Administration—Harvard College Library (Grade 60, Requisition 28293)