How to Place an Order

Imaging Services reproduction orders must be made through HOLLIS Special Request. To place an order, you must have an account. Click here for instructions on how to get started with the system.

You do not need to be affiliated with the University to order reproductions.

After logging into your account, choose "Request for Photoduplication" from the left sidebar.

Screen capture of New Request for Photoduplication link

Required Fields When Placing an Order

The following four fields are required:

  • Title/Collection Name - The book title, periodical title, or the name of a specific collection containing the material you want.
  • Library - The specific repository that houses the book. Sometimes more than one repository will hold the same material. If you need a specific copy, please let us know. If the material is not Library-owned, choose "Patron-owned Material."
  • Desired Format -
    • When choosing "Digital Prints," be sure to indicate desired size. See our pricelist for options.
    • "Existing Digital Images" includes any image found on Harvard websites. We often have stored, high-resolution copies of our online images.
    • Use "Microfilm" when ordering a duplicate reel.
    • See the pricelist for a description of "Standard" and "Studio" photography. Generally speaking, single images will always require Studio photography.
  • Shipping Preference - This is usually determined by what you order.
    • If it can be deposited into Harvard's public, online systems, you will be sent a link to the material as it appears online.
    • If it cannot be deposited, individual TIFF files will be delivered to you via a third-party file-transfer site called ""
    • Theses and dissertations will be delivered via as PDF files.

Please use the last two fields, Photoduplication Instructions and My Notes to enter details about what you would like reproduced. Both are visible to Harvard staff.

The Photoduplication Instructions field is limited to 256 characters. If you wish to provide us with more detailed instructions, please email them to, and indicate that you are adding details to an order already placed. Including the order number (six digits, and sometimes referred to as "Transaction number" or "Invoice number") will be helpful.


Non-Required Fields



Place of Publication, Publisher

Additional Location Information

Call Number


HOLLIS Number - Including this number is extremely helpful. It allows Imaging Services staff to find the item you want very easily.