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Property Information Resource Center

The The Property Information Resource Center (PIRC) is the principal repository for records of Harvard University's buildings and land, maps and surveys, and asset information. The PIRC actively works on behalf of the University to collect, organize, care for and make accessible the construction documentation of all capital level projects at Harvard University.


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Apley Court, North Elevation,  by John E. Howe


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Support of academic research is not the mission of the PIRC; rather the PIRC is an administrative repository of proprietary information supporting Harvard’s planning, construction, and facilities maintenance communities.  Therefore, access policies for pedagogic purposes differ significantly from those for our primary patron group.The PIRC will provide materials to faculty for use in an academic setting to the best of its abilities and according to our mission. Please note that the only drawings the PIRC will make available to Harvard researchers without special permission are limited to exterior elevations.Please email to schedule an appointment.

Added Names/Aliases: HPPM- PIRC





The PIRC actively works on behalf of the University to collect, organize, store, care for and make accessible the construction documentation of capital level projects at the University.  Collections include:

  • Architectural and Technical Drawing Collection
  • Construction Specifications
  • Operations and Maintenance (O+M) Manuals
  • Maps and Survey Collection
  • Soil Borings
  • Deeds and Property Agreements
  • Acquisition and Property History Collection
  • Photograph Collection




  • Services
  • Our staff is comprised of archivists who are knowledgeable of the Harvard University campus and its history as well as the construction industry in general. The PIRC staff works with patrons at all phases of a capital project, from the initial fundraising and planning phases through construction. We are here to provide you with the most accurate and comprehensive information on Harvard’s built environment. While our digital collection is growing most of our collections are stored off-site so please plan ahead for your research needs.





  • Visitor
  • The PIRC is a closed collection. Anyone not directly affiliated with a Harvard University capital construction project, (e.g. architect, engineer, etc.) must complete all necessary forms before making a research appointment.