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The goal of the Harvard Library Innovation Initiative is to continuously improve the products and services for students, faculty and researchers who rely on and benefit from the Harvard Library. We are building an infrastructure and a community that will bring ideas to light and people together— making innovation an integral property of the Harvard Library. Learn more about our experimental projects and new initiatives.


Featured Projects


Gesture-Based Technologies

Libraries across Harvard are experimenting with interactive, gesture-based technologies in fields ranging from archaeology to astrophysics and beyond. Learn more.


A web application like an airplane seat selector that allows patrons to apply for study carrels according to their location preferences. Learn more.

Collaborations in Archival Research

Shared space for cross-institution archival research activities and establishment of best practices. Learn more.

Virtual Book Tours

Virtual Book Tours at the Kennedy School promote faculty authors through the use of video presentations, book reviews, and links to both the catalog and the publisher's websites. Learn more.