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Library Board Ratifies Interim Guiding Principles for Collection and Content

Step towards University-wide collection and content development strategic plan.
November 6, 2012—The Harvard Library Board recently approved interim guiding principles for collection and content to help guide selectors, bibliographers and curators in continuing to develop best practices for building Harvard’s collection. Following the Board’s ratification, the interim principles were shared with selectors, bibliographers and curators.
“The interim principles are an important first step in constructing Harvard’s first University-wide collection and content development strategy, which will help ensure that Harvard meets the needs of both current and future researchers,” said Helen Shenton, executive director for the Harvard Library.
Earlier this year, the Library Board charged the Library Affinity Group Heads with developing a University-wide collection and content development strategy—a Harvard Library strategic initiative. The charge calls for the Affinity Group Heads to submit analyses and recommendations for:
1) Collections and content development best practices, policies standards and tools.
2) Governance and management of shared collections.
3) First steps to move the Harvard Library towards a shared collection, the dependencies and risks related to implementation of the strategic plan and trends to monitor and against which to assess the plan’s relevance and effectiveness.
Led by the executive director, the work of the Affinity Group Heads is carried out in collaboration with a review committee consisting of faculty members from across the disciplines. The five related work streams are:
1) Interim guiding principles for collections and content. (Completed; led by Dan Hazen and Ann Whiteside)
2) National and international trends and themes affecting collection development. (In progress; led by Leslie Donnell and Megan Sniffin-Marinoff)
Staff members participating in this work stream include:

Amanda Bowen, Fine Arts
Amy Brand, Faculty Development
Paul Deschner, Law
Michael Leach, Cabot
Laura Linard, Baker
Sandy-Jo Malmon, Loeb Music
Scott Podolsky, Countway
Russell Pollard, Andover-Harvard
Connie Rinaldo, Ernst Mayr
Andrea Schulman, Baker
Mark Shelton, Gutman
3) Initial data analysis of historical and current collections. (In progress; led by Dan Hazen and Lynne Schmelz)

Staff members participating in this work stream include:

Mike Barker, Harvard Library
Harvard’s Institutional Research Group 
Lisa Schwallie, Harvard Library
Gosia Stergios, Harvard Library
Sarah Tudesco, Harvard Library 
4) Current and best practices in Harvard collection development policies. (In progress; led by Ann Whiteside); Douglas Gragg of Andover-Harvard is working with Whiteside on this work stream.
5) Minimizing unnecessary duplication. (In progress; led by Lynne Schmelz and Ann Whiteside)
Staff members participating in this work stream include:
Mary Clare Altenhofen, Fine Arts
Marylene Altieri, Schlesinger
Leslie Donnell, Kennedy School
Betsy Eggleston, Countway
David Leyenson
Pam Peifer, Law School
Hugh Truslow, Fung
Mark Shelton, Gutman
Megan Sniffin-Marinoff, University Archives
Rebecca Wingfield, Widener
The synthesis of the five work streams above will form a final report to the Board in spring 2013 on developing a shared collection across the Schools at Harvard.