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Library Council on Student Experience Launched


April 2, 2012—The Harvard Library Council on Student Experience (HLCSE), a University-wide group of students and librarians, was formed to identify and collaborate on ways to improve the student library experience.


The HLCSE, which began meeting in January 2013, is currently touring libraries and generating ideas on how to highlight what is available for students at each of them. It is also working with Tell Us, the Library’s online feedback tool, to identify potential projects and provide student perspective on suggestions, and participating in testing the updated and enhanced Library mobile module.


The librarian and student members of the group were nominated by School library directors and selected by the Office of the Provost. The Council also includes members representing the Tell Us project, the Berkman Institute and Harvard Library Shared Services. Members serve terms of two academic years, and the Council is co-chaired by a librarian and by a student elected by the group.  Members include:

  • Laura Farwell Blake, HCL, Co-Chair
  • Wendy Brown, HMS
  • Sandra Cortesi, Berkman Center
  • Phil Dade, Co-Chair
  • Sarah Dickinson, GSD
  • Aminu Gamawa, HLS
  • Monica P. Garcia, SPH
  • Luke Gaudreau, HKS
  • Matthew Guilford, HBS
  • Cameron Lee, HDS
  • Carla Lilvik, GSE
  • Poping Lin, HBS
  • Rohit Malhotra, HKS
  • Tara Raghuveer, HC
  • Ellen Shea, RI
  • George Taoulsides, HLS
  • Cammi Valez, Co-Chair
  • Clifford Wunderlich, HDS
  • Lissa Young, GSE
  • Jennifer Zhu, HC