Fees and Assessments FY2017

Overview of Services

Library Technology Services develops, maintains, and supports university-wide computer systems including hardware, software, operations, and application user support for library staff and library patrons. LTS works closely with other HUIT support services and Harvard Library shared services to provide efficient, timely, and high quality support for library IT. Most of the costs for these systems and services are shared across all Harvard libraries through the Harvard Library allocation model. LTS supported applications and services covered by the HL allocation include:

  • Configuration, maintenance, and operation of the primary enterprise library collection management systems (Aleph, Verde)
  • Configuration, maintenance, and 7x24 operation of the Harvard Library search and discovery applications (HOLLIS+, Harvard Library portal, OASIS, VIA, Harvard Geospatial Library, and E-research (access to e-resources and e-journals)
  • Digital library infrastructure systems and user support. Current services include the Digital Repository Service, Harvard Geospatial Library, Web Archiving (WAX), Dataverse, EAS, and DASH. Basic consulting assistance, advice, and support in the use of digital library infrastructure for digital library projects is available. (NOTE: The assessment does not cover storage costs for objects stored in the DRS. See fees below.)
  • Visual materials catalog and cataloging system (VIA and Shared Shelf)
  • Systems and services for Archives and special collections: ArchivesSpace, OASIS
  • Development and collaborations for new library applications
  • Technical consulting for library projects that have IT components

Effective July 2015, LTS will no longer charge fees for digital Virtual collections, WAX collections, and TED collections. These services will be provided as part of services funded through the HL allocation. Libraries WILL continue to pay storage fees for their DRS content. Although technical consulting is offered as a normal service from LTS, exceptional, library specific software development may require additional funding. Special projects will be assessed and costs estimated on a project by project basis.

(For FY17 the hourly rate for special projects is $130.50)

See the annual LTS dashboard to learn more about LTS services and the costs of providing library-wide technology services to Harvard.

DRS Fees and Billing


DRS infrastructure is considered a common good and is financed through the HL allocation. Infrastructure costs include: development staffing, maintenance, operations, and HUIT costs (except those directly related to storage).

DRS storage costs, in general, include costs that increase with the amount of materials stored. This includes disk space purchase, maintenance, or rental by LTS. Such costs are recovered by charging fees to the content owner (see Storage Costs).

DRS transformation costs are incurred when technological changes require that LTS transform DRS content to a new format to preserve usability. Content owners are responsible for costs associated with content transformation. Costs will vary depending on the type of transformation and the quantity involved.

Note that there are no costs associated with the actual act of depositing content; only costs associated with storage and transformation.

Storage Costs

  • FY18: $1.25 per gigabyte per year
  • FY17: $1.50 per gigabyte per year
  • FY16: $1.85 per gigabyte per year
  • FY15: $1.85 per gigabyte per year



All fees including DRS storage and other special services are billed quarterly. DRS fees are based on storage in use at the end of each quarter.