Virtual Collections Data Harvesting

The Virtual Collections service offers an OAI data provider that exposes virtual collections for harvesting by other institutions. VC data is publicly accessible to any OAI-PMH compliant harvesting software. The VC OAI provider is located at

For more information about OAI-PMH data harvesting, these documents might be helpful:

Freeware programs for harvesting data are widely available on the Internet.

Available collections

Most virtual collections are available for OAI harvesting. To get a list of collections or "sets" available for harvesting, see:

Hours of service

The collections are available for harvest from 4:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST. Outside of those hours, your requests will return a 503, service not available, error. Because the provider has a self-limiting mechanism, it will also produce a 503 error if too many requests are received in a short period of time.

Formats supported

MODS and unqualified Dublin Core metadata formats are supported. Virtual collection data records are natively stored as MODS and the Dublin Core records present a reduced version of the information. Use of the MODS format whenever possible is strongly recommended. In the future, the Dublin Core record will provide a deep link URL to the associated HTML page in Virtual Collections, so all of the information about the record will still be indirectly available.

Record deletion

Deleted records are supported on a transient basis. That is, the retention of information on deleted records is not guaranteed.