Visual Information Access (VIA) is a public union catalog of visual materials at Harvard. VIA contains descriptive records and images representing paintings, sculpture, photography, drawings, prints, architecture, decorative arts, trade cards, rubbings, theater designs, maps and plans.


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VIA Overview

VIA serves as a central resource where researchers can discover the wealth of visual materials available across the university and learn where at Harvard they can go for access to the materials themselves or for more detailed information about them. VIA does not replace any existing local system for management of visual and museum collections; these systems will always contain richer information and provide capabilities tailored to local needs.

Repositories that contribute to VIA include archives, museums, libraries, and other collections throughout Harvard University. A list of participating repositories is available within the VIA interface.

Records in VIA are contributed to the system from Artstor Shared Shelf, and from several local cataloging systems at participating libraries, archives, and museums.