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Map It Application Goes Live

November 12, 2013

Dear Harvard Library staff,

The Map It application that you have been testing will be live in Hollis on Tuesday, November 12.  The pilot period for this application will run through the Spring and will be available for selected collections in the Widener, Lamont and Law libraries.

The Map It test period was very successful and generated a good deal of feedback.  Some of the consistent suggestions that we received were:

  • Improved orientation to the map/floor plan 
  • Addition of item bibliographic information on the map itself
  • Improved noticeability of the Map It link on the Hollis page

We have worked throughout the test period to address the more technical feedback we received, and we will work throughout the Map It pilot period to address as much of the user-experience related feedback as possible.  We always welcome more feedback, so please keep it coming during the pilot.

If you or patrons have any questions or comments on Map It during the pilot period please use the feedback link embedded in the maps themselves.

We appreciate the help we have received with testing this application and look forward to the public launch.

The Map It Project Team
Annie Jo Cain
Rosanne Sheridan
Johnny Weyand

Research Librarian Liaisons
Emily Bell
Lisa Junghahn