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New Baker Library Exhibit: The Art of American Advertising

December 4, 2013

Knowledge and Library Services is pleased to announce the opening of The Art of American Advertising, 1865–1910, an exhibition and website organized by Baker Library Historical Collections. The exhibition will run through April 5, 2014 in the North Lobby, Baker Library/Bloomberg Center, Harvard Business School.

As a national network for the distribution of mass-produced goods developed after the Civil War, with it came the need for eye-catching, widespread advertising. The Art of American Advertising, 1865–1910 examines the ways in which an emerging advertising industry reached a national market with innovative printing technologies and marketing strategies that crossed the boundaries of art and commerce. Companies with products to sell reached wholesalers, retailers, and home consumers through media of all shapes, sizes, colors, and imagery—from trade catalogs and trade cards to broadsides and posters to souvenir publications and novelty items. Drawing from Baker Library’s Historical Collections, the exhibit explores the role these burgeoning and extraordinarily inventive forms of advertising played in marketing mass-produced products to the emerging American consumer culture.

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