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New Library Portal Go-Live Today, September 18


Phase I, Release 1 officially launches this afternoon.


September 18, 2012—The new Harvard Library portal goes live later today, September 18.


Features of the new portal include:

  • The ability to search multiple, widely-used catalogs from a single search module.
  • The ability to search portal pages using a single search box.
  • Pages for individual libraries/archives/special collections that includes services, research librarians, maps, amenities and collection highlights.
  • The ability to search by library hours, subjects, Schools and amenities (like cafes, iPads and bikes).
  • Information on research support and research tools brought together in one place.
  • Information on Library collections, programs, news, events, etc. brought together in one place.
  • Perpetual navigation and unified look and feel.
  • A Library-wide staff directory searchable by name, School and area of expertise.
  • A Library-wide calendar, with the ability for users to submit Library events.


A preview of the new portal has been shared with Harvard Library staff members since August 21, and with the University community since September 4. The Portal Working Group has actively solicited suggestions for improvements—more than 100 have been received to date and a number have been made. All comments and suggestions will be prioritized by the Library Portal Working Group and the Library Portal Steering Committee on an ongoing basis, and a timeline for Phase I, Release 2 will be developed during the fall 2012 semester.


The project manager for the portal project is Jim Borron, Library senior program manager, who worked closely with the Library Portal Working Group, Library Technology Services staff members and the Library Portal Advisory Committee (see names below). Catherine Blatz (HPAC/HL) coordinated and uploaded portal content.


Library Portal Working Group
Laura Farwell Blake (HCL)
Annie Cain (Library Innovation Lab)
Thomas Dodson (OSC)
Kathleen Donovan (GSE)
Christopher Erdmann (HCO)
Michael Hemment (HBS)
Renata Kalnins (HDS)
Barbara Meloni (HUA)
Laura Morse (HUIT)
Kira Poplowski (HPAC/HL)
Tracey Robinson (HUIT)
Clayton Scoble (FAL)


Library Technology Services, HUIT
Corinna Baksik
Sharon Boland Bayer
Laura Morse
Tracey Robinson
Benson Smith
Hank Sway


Library Portal Advisory Group
Paul Bergen (HUIT)
Cathy Cho (HUIT)
Mary Lee Kennedy (OPP/HL)
Anne Margulies (HUIT)
Douglas MacFadden (HMS)
Kira Poplowski (HPAC/HL)
Helen Shenton (HL)
Julia Weng (HUIT)