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Exhibitions & Events

Highlights of ongoing and upcoming events from across Harvard's libraries. Find more events by visiting the Harvard Library calendar, or submit a library event.


Down the Rabbit Hole at Houghton

A Houghton exhibition marks the 150th anniversary of 'Alice in Wonderland.'




Unitarian Universalist Service Committee: 75 Years of Service

Through Jul

Andover-Harvard Theological Library is hosting an exhibit of historic documents and images chronicling 75 years of global human rights advocacy and humanitarian work by the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. The display is drawn from the library's official archives of some 260 boxes of documents and images, starting with UUSC's heralded work rescuing European refugees during World War II. The exhibit, which spans three floors of the library, will be on display through July 31. 


It Was a Dark and Stormy Semester... Portrayals of Harvard Law School in Literature

Through Aug

This exhibition seeks to highlight the role of Harvard Law School in fiction, whether the Law School serves as the scene, the featured characters are Law School graduates, or even when the Law School has inspired its students to become novelists during their JD studies. It is on display in Langdell Hall's Caspersen Room through August 14. 


Such a Curious Dream!: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland at 150

Through Sep

This exhibition features unique, colorful and curious Carrolliana from the early 1860s to the present. Drawn largely from the fabulous collection compiled by Harvard alumnus Harcourt Amory, the exhibition will include original drawings by illustrator John Tenniel, foreign editions of the book, parodies, theatrical works and ephemera. Not to be missed: Alice Liddell’s own copy of the suppressed first edition. The exhibition runs through September 5 at Houghton Library.


The Shadow of War: 20th-Century Historical Documents from the José María Castañé Collection

Through Sep
Stalin on Lenin

This exhibition of materials from the José María Castañé Collection shows the shadow of war as it fell across the world throughout the century, from the Russian Revolution to the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. The exhibition features documents by Joseph Stalin, Lev Trotsky, Harry Truman, and Charles de Gaulle, as well as photographs of the famous—Hitler at the third Nazi Party conference—and unknown—a selection of albums compiled by unidentified German soldiers. The Shadow of War is on display at Houghton Library through September 12.


Georges F. Doriot: Educating Leaders, Building Companies

Through Oct
Georges F. Doriot

This Baker Library Historical Collections exhibit examines the career of Harvard Business School professor Georges F. Doriot (1899–1987), a legendary educator, a founder of the modern venture capital industry and a US Army general during World War II. It features selections from the Georges F. Doriot Collection—on permanent loan to Baker Library from the French Library and Cultural Center in Boston—that reveal the ideas and ideals of a man who played an important role in the emergence of the postwar entrepreneurial economy. The exhibition runs at Baker Library, Harvard Business School, through October 14.


The Ancestry of the Mother Road: Mapping Route 66

Through Oct

Route 66 looms large in American culture. In song and story, the mother road carries us to the promise of a better life. Traveling Route 66 is still the ultimate road trip even now as we pick our way along a road disrupted by the modern, looking for remnants of an earlier path. Route 66 was years in the making as Americans sought the best path from the East to the West, and is being remade even today, as it continues to hold a special place in the imagination of travelers and wanderers of all kinds. Railroad scouts and surveyors, early auto adventurers, dust bowl migrants, suburban road-tripping families, all following their own paths, but all on the same road. The exhibition runs through October 15 in the Pusey Library Gallery.


Occupied Cuba, 1898-1902: Photographs from the Theodore Roosevelt Collection

Through Dec

The years between the end of the Cuban War of Independence in 1898, facilitated by United States involvement as part of the Spanish-American War, and the proclamation of the Cuban Republic in 1902 were a time of much change and transition in Cuba. After the last of the Spanish troops left Cuba in 1898, the United States took over the governance of Cuba. Occupied Cuba brings together some documentary photographs of this time gathered from Harvard’s Theodore Roosevelt Collection. The exhibition is on display in Pusey Library's Theodore Roosevelt Gallery through December 31. 




Tour of Widener Library


Tours of Widener Library are offered every Thursday for all currently affiliated Harvard faculty, staff, students and visiting scholars. Conducted by research and reference librarians, the tour includes an introduction to Widener's collections, orientation to the facilities, including the reading rooms and the stacks and an explanation of services available to researchers. All tours begin just beyond the Security Desk at the main (Yard) entrance of the building.


Tour of Houghton Library

Houghton Library

Public tours of Houghton Library are offered every Friday at 2 pm. Attendees receive a general introduction to the library, followed by a tour of the Emily Dickinson, Amy Lowell and John Keats rooms, as well as the suite devoted to the Donald & Mary Hyde Collection of Dr. Samuel Johnson. Those wishing to take the tour should meet in the Houghton Library lobby. Reservations are not required.