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A Note from Library Technology Services

November 20, 2013

A number of Harvard affiliates have recently received e-mails appearing to be from the address, signed Corinna Baksik. The e-mails ask for users to enter their HUID/PIN into a web page that looks like Harvard’s, but is actually a replica page hosted outside of the US.

Please note that these e-mails are SPAM and should be deleted. To Harvard staff who receive inquiries from users, please inform the user that no action is necessary on their end. They do NOT have to provide any information, nor should they. If they followed the instructions in the e-mail and entered data into the false web page (identified by the URL ending in .ir), they should change their passwords. Users may change passwords by following the instructions to “Change your existing PIN” at

More information about phishing, how to identify fraudulent e-mails, and what to do, may be found here.

Thank you,

Corinna Baksik (the real one)
Senior Systems Librarian
Library Technology Services