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Open Your Hidden Collections

Learn more about submitting an Open Your Hidden Collections proposal, including criteria, timeline, the submission form, the Screening Group, etc.


A Note from Sarah Thomas


Dear Colleagues,

One of the objectives of the Harvard Library is to enable effective access to the world of knowledge and data through intuitive discovery, networks of expertise, and global collaborations. An important part of this is making discoverable the valuable resources in collections that are currently inaccessible to our patrons. We have allocated $850,000 as extra support for projects to uncover hidden collections. This message outlines arrangements to deploy these one-time funds, which are available to all units within the Harvard Library. Eligible projects can focus on both historic and contemporary holdings, in any format, whose metadata does not support robust discovery . . . 


Submission Form


Proposals should be submitted by 5pm on April 21, 2014, using the online submission form.


Screening Group


A Screening Group will preview all applications for eligibility.The eligible proposals will then be made available online for the community’s comments and evaluations. These assessments will be advisory rather than determinative. The screening group, after reviewing the proposals and the evaluations, will prepare a rank-order list of recommended proposals for consideration by the Vice President for the Harvard Library and the Library Leadership Team. These bodies will then decide which proposals to fund. Screening Group members are Karen Beck, HLS, Franziska Frey, PCDI, Dan Hazen, HCL, Kathryn Hammond-Baker, HMS, Laura Linard, HBS, Lisa Schwallie, HL and Scott Wicks, ITS.