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Preservation Services
Collections Reformatting Services for Harvard Libraries


 Imaging Services offers a broad range of collections reformatting services designed to protect endangered library materials and to extend scholarly access to Harvard's collections beyond the University. Harvard libraries considering reformatting projects should complete the Digital Project Inquiry Form to initiate the process of receiving planning assistance and cost estimates. Following submission of the form, the library will be contacted by an adviser from Imaging Services, or when appropriate, the Weissman Preservation Center. Additional information and a sample of materials may be requested for developing project specifications and pricing. Pricing for reformatting is project specific. Fees are designed to recover projected staff and equipment costs. See project service categories for default pricing. Reformatting project work undertaken by Imaging Services is subject to approval by the Harvard College Library Collections Reformatting Review Committee (CRRC). Projects are reviewed monthly by the CRRC. Inquiries for the reproductions of items for library patrons or for other library uses, such as preservation copies or exhibitions, should be submitted using the Imaging Services Order Inquiry Form for Harvard Library Staff.